Simple welding assemblies

We offer a variety of welding options for welding simple assemblies used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

In addition to the variety of welding technologies available, all of our welders are certified in the various welding processes and are skilled in working with all conventional metal types as well as aluminum, stainless steel and coated materials. We have a separate department for welding stainless steel in order to ensure that stainless steel products are not exposed to potentially oxidizing materials.

Using welding jigs as much as possible guarantees optimal reproducibility. If required, these welding assemblies can also be provided with various sheet metal surface treatments in addition to the welding work.

Welding complex sheet metal assemblies combined with laser welding

Complex welding assemblies: we cover the entire spectrum of welding processes, including laser welding. This welding process guarantees stress-free sheet metal products with no need for further processing.

Laser welding offers a number of advantages over conventional welding. In particular, there is less distortion as a result of the very limited heat input. High welding speeds ensure that large weld lengths can be achieved in a very short time.

Laser welding eliminates the need for post-processing and weld finishing is no longer necessary. The automated welding process ensures very high accuracy in sheet metal welding, resulting in outstanding product reproducibility.

Laser welding of sheet metal

Laser welding is advanced technology for sheet metal products of the future! Reduce costs and increase your technical options with NTS Hermus.

Laser welding sheet metal is not a new technology. It has been used for decades in the mass production of parts. But this method of welding flat sheets is also very well-suited to working with sheet metal parts in small and medium production series.

Our in-house technology offers the possibility of laser welding complex contours without extensive post-processing, helping to reduce costs and to meet modern and complex design specifications. NTS Hermus has years of experience in sheet metal manufacturing and laser welding and often engineers related products and tools in-house.

Spot welding with sheet metal

Spotwelding is a well-known technology: it is very cost-effective! The disadvantage is that quality can only be proven by destroying the workpiece. NTS Hermus works together with machine builders and programmers to ensure the maximum quality level possible. We can use the technology on visible surfaces even when using pre-coated metals.


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