Laser cutting and punching sheet metal

Using combined machines for laser cutting and punching sheet metal allows us to meet the highest requirements in product quality, productivity and flexibility. Not only with conventional metals, but also with stainless steel and aluminum.

Laser cutting, punching, stamping, threading and even bending is possible in a single processing step. Laser cutting can be performed at high speed thanks to the 4kW power capabilities, while innovative technology allows for scratch-free production. Automatic material handling further ensures the optimal use of production time, regardless of the type of sheet metal work being performed.

Efficiency and top-quality technology go hand in hand with our combined Trumatic 7000 machines. A very important advantage for customers is the freedom of design: laser cutting and punching sheet metal without additional processing steps!

Bending sheet metal

We achieve outstanding bending precision on sheet metal with our hydraulic press brakes (3 meters and 2.5 meters, with or without automatic angle measurement). This is the result of innovative technology and precision.

In order to bend even the most complex flat sheet products on our press brakes, we also use our own tools developed in-house in addition to the tools offered by the machine manufacturer. CAD-CAM programming and the principle of nesting (optimizing the efficiency of sheet material) make it possible for us to work together with our customers via automated processes.

Bending is a crucial process step for the following processes and requires a high level of quality and accuracy from our professionals and our machines.

Inserts and studs

We can insert anything on our 3 modern Haeger machines, from nuts to threaded pins. Even clinching is possible.

Creating PEM pressed parts with high accuracy and controlled quality is one of the challenges our people face on a daily basis. The interactive and semi-automatic technology we use when pressing supports us in this process. The pressing process is significantly simplified by the option to visualize the product on the machine which ensures an error-free production.

In addition to pressing, clinching is also possible on the machines. This is a technology in which materials are permanently joined together in a non-thermal process using plastic deformation.


NTS Hermus uses powerful software for programming, creating programs that can perform nesting.

This programming method enables the production of several different products from a single sheet. Variations in number, type of material and thickness are possible. The program additionally allows faster runs on our Trumpf machines.


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