Embedded engineering

Due to the increasing outsourcing of parts and modules we see a trend in which the technological knowhow of customers on sheet metal manufacturing decreases rapidly. By using the knowledge of our engineers we can lift your design to a higher level.

Sheet metal working

Our combined punch/laser machine produces high-quality sheet metal mono parts for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to combine sheet metal work such as laser cutting, punching and forming or stamping in a single operation. Our press brakes are also equipped with an angle correction device, ensuring higher reproducibility of the sheet metal work. Regardless of whether the flat sheet is of standard types of metal, aluminum or stainless steel, the automatic inserting machine ensures that the inserts are pressed at just the right pressure.

Our modern machinery, operated by skilled personnel with years of experience, guarantees sheet metal products that meet the highest standards and requirements.

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Manual welding and automated MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma, Silox, CuAl and laser welding. We do it all.

The challenge of welding sheet metal is in applying the available welding technologies at just the right place in a product. Our certified welders can do this for sheet metal work with standard types of metal as well as with aluminum, stainless steel and coated materials. Together with our engineering department, they determine the best welding process for the product technically as well as economically.

Applying our knowledge consistently helps us to manufacture even smaller production series. Another important aspect is the construction and production of tools in our own tool shop. After the welding process we use machines such as Kühlmeyer belt sanders for the finishing process.

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We assemble sheet metal parts into complex modules and functional assemblies, or even entire devices if required.

Whether it be a relatively simple assembly of single parts or the assembly of an entire device, the experienced technicians in our assembly department take care of the assembly of prototypes and products, for both small and medium-sized production series.


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Complementary competences Frames & Cabinets

NTS Hermus is part of the division Frames & Cabinets within NTS. This means you can also come to us for a wider range of complementary competences, such as:


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