NTS Hermus is the specialist in solutions in thin sheet metal. As supplier of international machine builders, NTS provides sheet metal parts, assemblies and complete functional products. We focus on custom solutions, by co-development and simplifying logistics.

Since 1949, NTS Hermus has been enhancing its leading position in the supply world by continually investing in both its people and equipment. Moreover, our business operations are driven by proven working methods such as LEAN and QRM. NTS Hermus brings sheet metal to life with its state-of-the-art machinery, dedicated teams and proactive solutions.

NTS Hermus is the specialist in sheet metal work such as laser cutting, punching, inserts/studs and bending your mono parts or for welding your more or less complex welding assemblies. In NTS Hermus, you will find a decisive partner who takes care of all your metalproduction, who has a proven track record in proactive problem-solving. For us, sheet metal working stands for co-development and continued development.

NTS Hermus is part of Frames & Cabinets, within NTS.

NTS Hermus is part of the division Frames & Cabinets within NTS. Frames & Cabinets offers the complete range of competences in the field of stable, high-precision frames and cabinets.

Why NTS Hermus sheet metal working?

Our people can bring sheet metal to life because metalworking is in our blood. The professionals at NTS Hermus breath life into flat blanks of sheet metal. not only boast experience and training, but also have 'motivation in their marrow', 'continuous improvement in their blood' and 'proactive solutions in their DNA'.

How do we work?

Our way of thinking and working is based on a chain philosophy. Although laser cutting and punching, bending, welding and assembly are the basic sheet metal services we offer, they only represent one part of the entire process. We can also take care of the supplychain management for you, using modern ERP systems to support our logistical expertise with the aim of reducing or avoiding waste throughout the entire chain. One important element here is the possibility of limiting your own stock to a bare minimum.

What are your benefits?

Firstly, you will certainly get the products you require of course. But you will also gain more time to focus on your own core competencies. You will have fewer issues, less stock and ultimately improved profitability. Sheet metal work of the highest quality that you can rely on.


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